Who We Are

BCCC Background & History

We are affiliated with the Church of God Canada but are a multi-denominational congregation. Here you have the opportunity to delight in God, to grow in a lifestyle of worship, and serve others with the sacrificial love that our Saviour showed us.

The Church of God movement now involves nearly 700,000 active adherents in 6,600 congregations in 89 countries of the world (in the U.S. and Canada we about 2,400 congregations and over 230,000 persons who attend worship services at these congregations). Congregations associate voluntarily within those various countries and those indigenous churches maintain fraternal ties. There is no hierarchy or head office, per se. There are, however, some organizations established for co-operative work in publishing, education, missions etc.

Church of God Ministries Inc. (Anderson, IN) coordinates the work of the Church of God in the U.S. and collaborates with appropriate ministry bodies within Canada. Other countries such as Kenya, Argentina, and Japan have formed similar organizational structures to facilitate their joint ministry efforts. Again, these offices are organized to serve the congregations and facilitate the national and world involvement of local groups. We know that many tasks can be done only as we unite in prayer, planning and sacrificial giving. Church of God (Anderson, IN) is sometimes used to distinguish our body from others with a similar title, but no connection.

Bragg Creek Community Church of God strives to be a leaven of God's Presence in the community.  The first service of the Bragg Creek Community Church was held on Easter Sunday, 1983.   Five Pastors have served from 1984 to date. The current pastor is David Zimmerman, who was commissioned to serve the Bragg Creek area in the summer of 2001.





Bragg Creek Community Centre,

23 White Ave,

Bragg Creek, Alberta



P.O. Box 502
Bragg Creek, Alberta, T0L0K0




Prayer 9:30AM

Service 10AM-11:30AM